Pertak: Duplicity

Return to Pertak, planet of three suns and home to humans, Cinessians, Domarthans, and Pertakians–four races working, living, and thriving together in relative peace–but others, known as Absolutists, disdain this type of existence and want all non-natives expelled from their world. In this sequel the conflict continues. As Absolutists use alien and sometimes illegal technology… Read More »

Pertak: A Science Fiction Mystery

Pertak is a world with three suns and four species of beings living and working together in apparent harmony, a world where Todd Sevick and his team of enforcement officers are doing their best to keep their world in balance, and a world where, inexplicably, Liz Paiste—a mere secretary second class—is injured and abducted. Why… Read More »

Writing Pertak (a little history)

In the early 1990’s, I was out of college and living with my parents in Lexington, Kentucky. I had some free time between working with a plumber and at Blockbuster Video, so I sat down to write a story. At the time, my only understanding of technology was what I had gathered from Star Trek… Read More »